Ready To Please – S30:E9

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Kennedy Kressler has a surprise for her beau Brad Sterling. She goes to into the bathroom and peels off her clothes down to her underwear. Then she pulls out a sexy maid outfit that she’s been saving for a special occasion. After she slips into the lingerie, she gives herself one last look in the mirror and then struts out the door to make Brad’s day. When Brad lays eyes on his girlfriend, he can’t help the grin that crosses his face. She’s hot as hell as she uses her feather duster to clean up while making sure Brad gets a good look at the way her super skinny frame looks in her costume. Giving Brad a kiss, Kennedy gets down on her knees to use her mouth to suck his dick clean. Her blowjob is sweet and sensual, leaving Brad hard as a rock and eager for a taste of his lovely partner. He helps her lay down on the couch and buries his face between her thighs so he can enjoy the heat of her through her panties. Pushing that scrap of fabric aside, Brad enjoys a sample of Kennedy’s pussy juices before he relieves her of her underwear and pushes himself balls deep into her cream filled sheath. By the time Kennedy takes control of their lovemaking, she has shed the maid costume entirely and is deliciously naked. She slides into Brad’s lap, making sure to impale herself firmly on his fuck rod. Then, with Brad’s hands on her hips to help guide her movements, she starts bouncing up and down for an enthusiastic ride in her tight twat. They try out doggy style next, with Kennedy propping herself against the couch and hanging on while Brad pistons into her juicy snatch. Then Brad curls up behind Kennedy, sliding back inside for some spooning sex. This ball slapping position really does it for Kennedy, making it easy for her to rub her own clit and for Brad to engage in a little light breath play. As Brad feels his sweet and sexy little girlfriend come undone in his arms, he can’t hold back another moment. He pulls out at the last second, covering Kennedy’s bare twat in his cum shot. They cuddle together in the aftermath, enjoying the sleepy somnolence of a good time well spent.

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Tiny Blonde Wife Gets Revenge With a Big Black Cock

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Kennedy Kressler is a preppy and sexy California hot wife. She’s pissed off at her husband because he cheated on her. She felt the best way to get back at him, was to have fun and fuck another man. She tells her husband about her revenge and enjoys every inch of Jason’s monster black cock in her mouth and pussy. She struggles with the size at first and then finally manages to cum all over his big black dick!

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Welcome to Kennedy Kressler’s blog

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